The Ultimate Revelation of How Mozilla Firefox better Than Google Chrome


Google Chrome has the largest market share of Internet browsing, there is no doubt about performance and speed about google chrome. In some areas Firefox performs better than google chrome, Firefox is far better than Google Chrome in term of RAM consumption.

Google Chrome has the largest market share but it does not make Firefox as an Underdog web browser. Google Chrome is a pre-installed app on all type of android devices that plays a very important role to capture the browsing market share. In this post, I will share some lesser known feature of Mozilla Firefox.

1. Firefox consumes less RAM than Google Chrome.

It is the most awesome feature of Firefox that consumes less RAM than Google Chrome ..Firefox and Chrome handle the request in a different way.

Browser Arctitecvture

When we open x number of the tab in Chrome Google, Chrome generates a separate process for each tab but Firefox handles in a smarter way. when we open x number of the tab in Firefox it creates a new process under already running processes, therefore, Firefox uses less system resource than Google Chrome. It is a very awesome feature of Firefox for those who have less RAM in their system.

Up to 8 to 10 number of open tab Google Chrome and Firefox use same RAM consumption but after more than 10 open tabs Firefox performs better than chrome.

2. Firefox consumes Less battery than Chrome on Laptops.

When it comes to Compare Firefox and Google Chrome laptop no doubt that googles chrome wins the Race of Speed, Drawback of Google Chrome on Laptop is, it drains Laptop Battery faster. Firefox is a little bit slower than Chrome laptop but not that much slower so that will disappoint you while browsing.

3. Firefox protects the user privacy.

We all know that Google tracks a lot to its user and show relevant ads if you sign into google chrome it tracks down your Every search you do over Google. Firefox does not share any of the user data with the third party. I love firefox over chrome because it is only open source project for browser still running under, many open source project has been started and shut down. Firefox is not for profit hence it is more trustable than google chrome. Google Chrome is also open source but it is not transparent like Firefox.

Firefox Focus setting

Mozilla also released mobile based Privacy focused Browser for Android and iPhone user Known as Firefox Focus which is a privacy and ad-blocker focused browser. For more info read my Previous post-Firefopost-Firefox Free, Fast Private Browser for iPhone Users.

4. Firefox supports the google chrome extension.

We all know that what is an extension for a browser and its importance for internet browsing, web extensions are browser in build feature of any service, For example, Google Translate is web-based feature but it is also available as web extension also., Both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, have a good set of extensions to offer in their respective stores.

Chrome Store

Mozilla Firefox support open web Extension API this feature let you install an extension which is currently not available on Firefox add-on store. For example, Grammarly is a chrome extension which is most popular grammar checking tool but does not available for firefox addon store, with help of Chrome Store Foxified you can install any extension which is not available for Firefox.



Mozilla Firefox stands out as an excellent browser for several reasons. Its commitment to user privacy is a key highlight, with features like Enhanced Tracking Protection that blocks unwanted trackers, promoting a more secure online experience. Firefox is an open-source browser, fostering a community-driven approach that encourages innovation and transparency.

The browser’s customizable nature allows users to personalize their experience with a vast array of extensions and themes. With a focus on speed and performance, Firefox ensures efficient web navigation. Moreover, Mozilla’s dedication to an open web and standards compliance makes Firefox a reliable and user-centric choice, providing a seamless and secure browsing environment for users worldwide.


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