Why is Mozilla Firefox browser named as Firefox?

Why is Mozilla Firefox browser named as

Why is Mozilla Firefox browser named as Firefox?-: While using the internet we see lots of great product have a very typical name. For example www.crazyegg.com nobody can imagine what type of website it is without opening it . cragyegg is a user behaviour analysis tool to maximize the adsense earning.

As it is well known Google chrome is a product of Google, have the largest browsing market share but in some segment, Firefox perform better than chrome, in this post I will share a small story about Firefox Name.

The first name of Firefox was Phoenix browser in the year 2002. Mozilla released Phoenix Browser in the year 2002 after the release Mozilla ran into an issue of its name a company called Phoenix Technologies had also developed an open-source browser but owned the trademark for their name. So, the browser had to be renamed to Firebird.

After renaming Phoenix to Firebird, Mozilla faced issue with name Firebird also as Firebird was also the name of an open-source relational database project, so Mozilla had to change the name yet again, until finally in February 2004, they settled on Firefox as the browser’s name.

Why Mozilla Choose Word Firefox? As Per Mozilla Firefox Brand FAQ.

It’s similar to Firebird. It’s easy to remember. It sounds good. It’s unique. We like it. And we weren’t able to find any other project or company even remotely similar to a web browser that uses the same name.

You can Visit Mozilla Brand FAQ page to Know More about Mozilla Firefox Brand Name.

Conclusion-: Mozilla Firefox is a good browser and it beat Google Chrome in term of RAM consumption but still it has less market share over Chrome and nobody cares about Mozilla Firefox, In this post, I just tried to let Mozilla user know the hidden truth behind Firefox Brand name.

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