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1337x proxies

Everybody loves to download free stuff from the internet whether its musical albums, TV series, movies, videos and so on. Torrenting is the answer for many people.

However, it’s no secret that many torrent websites deal with copyrighted material, which led to many of them being either completely shut down by government authorities or blocked by internet providers worldwide.

One of those sites was of course, the infamous 1337x.to. With a cheeky name whose origin leads back to the old leetspeak of the internet, this torrent provider for many years was one of the main sources of free torrents for anyone with a bittorrent client.

Of course, like many other torrent sites, 1337x received attention from entities fighting piracy, which to it being blocked pretty much globally, with a few minor exceptions.

In this article, I want to present a list of 100% working proxies/mirrors to 1337x, which will help you access either the original website or many of its clones, who, despite being copies, still deliver the same awesome catalogue of movies, TV shows, video games, audiobooks and so on.

Additionally, I will list a number of alternative torrent websites for downloading the stuff you like. These website offer a similar, and in some cases, even better download options than 1337x itself.

Before you download…

Like I said in the beginning, many torrent websites are hosting copyrighted content as free downloads. When downloading, you risk exposing yourself to authorities which may register an innocent movie download as a copyright infringement.

To avoid this, I highly recommend using a VPN service, which will give you complete anonymity when downloading torrents.

Here’s a list of VPN providers that offer a free trial I made earlier this year. I’m sure it will help you find the best one to use.

Working proxies/mirror websites to 1337x are these

Proxy/Miror server Status

11 Great alternatives to 1337x for torrent downloads

1337x.to is definitely one of the most famous torrent websites in internet history, as it was used by thousands if not millions of users, received attention from the media and the authorities, it’s no wonder why actions were taken to block it.

Even though I’ve given my list of 1337x proxies/mirrors, some may still find that the site doesn’t have exactly the things they are looking for.

As a result, I’ve compiled a list of 1337x alternatives, along with short descriptions about them.

The Pirate Bay


The most popular and infamous torrent website ever, period. Despite being taken down by the government authorities a number of times and blocked in almost every country you can think of in the world, the site, amazingly, is still kicking to this day.

Not only that, it has still maintained it’s amazing catalogue of torrents of various kinds. Starting from movies, TV shows, video games, e-books and other stuff. To access it, all you need to do is find a stable mirror/proxy for the site. Even when it will change domains once again, you will be able to access it.



If you are looking for a place to download from legally and, of course, for free, there’s no better option than LimeTorrents. After all, it is the largest database of legitimate torrents on the internet today.

It’s constantly updated as well. This means that their awesome catalogue of music, movies, e-books and other torrents is growing periodically, and with no fear of copyright infringement, you can keep completely calm when downloading the stuff you want.



Getting back to the pirate zone, let’s talk about RARBG. If you are into movies, there’s no better site to find your preferred download as it is arguably the largest database of free movies torrents on the internet.

Timeless classics or the latest blockbusters, you name it, the site has it all. Moreover, the filtering and search options are also very convenient, which means you can easily find what you are looking for.



Another great site is Torlock, with its massive catalogue of various torrents, easy searching and great design, it’s definitely one of the best alternatives to 1337x.

Apart from the things I’ve mentioned, there’s also the fact that users are completely protected from shady and fake torrents. You see, Torlock pays you a dollar for every faulty torrent you discover on the website, meaning not much bad stuff goes through the staff and the users.

So, if you are looking for another source to download your torrents, definitely consider visiting Torlock.



YTS is another provider which is quite infamous on the internet waters. Just like 1337x, the site was banned and blocked on numerous occasions, deeming it inaccessible in most countries.

However, many proxies/mirrors have emerged since the original website was banned. As a result, many users can still access it and enjoy their content.

Talking about content, YTS is another website which specializes in movies. So if you are looking for the latest flicks to download at great speeds, look no further than YTS.



Though pretty basic from its site design, TorrentDownloads is still a great source for many types of torrents including movies, TV shows, music, games and others. I really like their search and filtering menus to concise the results with.

Great speeds and a wide variety, makes downloading stuff from here quite a breeze if you ask me. The community is very active and always makes sure that the best torrents are highlighted and noted, while the faulty ones are removed as soon as possible

Personally, I really like downloading e-books and podcasts from the site, which the collection here is pretty vast.



ETTV app

Yet another website which is quite infamous on the internet. Not only in terms of getting taken down or ban, but also because other torrent sites have accused ETTV and its community of stealing torrents from other providers.

Torrent websites fighting amongst themselves? Yikes!

Nevertheless, I still enjoy downloading my torrents from ETTV quite a lot. Despite overlapping torrents found on other sites as well, it has quite a lot to offer that’s unique in my opinion. If you’re looking for more obscure TV shows or movies to download, I can’t think of better options than ETTV.


torrentz site

Instead of being a torrent site by itself, Torrentz2 is rather an index website of torrents. That means it indexes torrents from many websites and instead of hosting them, just links to them.

As a result, there’s a ton of options for your favorite downloads with results coming in from multiple sources. So you can find the perfection version of the movie that you are so keen on watching or find the right video game to download.

If you are wondering why the site has such a weird name (with a 2 at the end), well there’s a reason for that. The original website was simply called Torrentz.eu, but it was taken down like so many other torrent websites. This clone has since taken its place.

Torrent Galaxy


TorrentGalaxy may be a less known option, but nevertheless a very neat one. It has a very fine design, despite looking a bit old school and of course offers quite a lot of torrents for downloads from its database.

Also the search process is very easy no matter whether you are looking for games, movies, TV series or other stuff. It might not be as popular as the rest on the list, but I’m sure its popularity will grow significantly.

However, I would recommend using an adblock when browsing the site, since there’s a few NSFW ads appearing sometimes.



NYAA is probably the most popular website among those who love to watch Anime content. Indeed, its Japanese cartoon catalogue is probably the biggest one on the internet currently. Of course, there are some additional torrents types as well like TV shows and movies too.

If you’re looking for a source to download your favorite shows from the far east, look no further than NYAA.SI, I’m sure you’ll enjoy using the site as much as I do.



Lastly, I want to talk about a Russian torrent website called 7tor. The website does have to offer quite a lot in the usual sense: TV shows, Movies, Video games, and other stuff. The downloads are fast and convenient, however, there is one downside – its servers are quite shaky, so there’s frequent downtime.

If you are looking for some obscure media to download, 7tor is definitely a good choice, however, only as good as its running of course.

All in all

I’ve given my list of 1337x proxies, mirrors and alternatives to it. No matter what option you choose for your downloads, you won’t be disappointed, that I can guarantee. Just decide on what content you prioritize and go for it.

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