7 Beginner Tips For Starting a Web Hosting Business


Starting an Internet business may sound difficult. However, if you follow these tips step by step, you will definitely see that creating a web hosting business is pretty easy.

There are several important things to focus on: choosing the correct reseller hosting, marketing your new business and promoting it in order to get more customers.

However, the most difficult part of creating a business is making the first step. In this article, we have outlined the major tips which you should look at and think through when starting your own web hosting business.

1. Become an Affiliate

Most hosting companies have affiliate programs where you can get additional bonuses or discounts. You may use them to renew your hosting service or get a discount for the services.

2. Choose a Reseller With a One-click Installer

Choose a reseller that provides quick content management system (CMS) installation tools. It will prevent you from worrying that you have to upload or install the CMS on your own.

3. Become a Reseller

You can purchase hosting packages meant for reselling and market them at higher prices. That way you will be able to stay focused on the marketing side and leave the technical stuff of server configuration and uptime to the main provider.

4. Create Your Web Hosting Brand

As there are lots of web hosting providers, the key to success is to find your niche in the web hosting market. You should think about what you can offer and how you can differ from other hosting providers. If you do not have an idea right now, think through these points:

* Define your target market – you can make a distinction in the market by targeting small/large business, representatives of certain professions, age group, location, etc.

* Create a memorable company name. For this you definitely need a unique domain name. See the tips how to choose a proper one.

* How do you differs from other providers?

* What services will you be reselling? (Shared hosting, VPS hosting, etc.)

5. Create Your Website

Take your time to create a good looking and user-friendly website inviting to buy services from you. It will be the face of your business. Also, have the billing system in place and choose support channels that will enable your customers to contact you.

6. Find Your Clients

After your website is set up and thoroughly tested, you are ready to find your first clients. There are plenty of tools and places where you can spread the word: Facebook and Google Ads, local press, banners on the websites that cover your niche market, and many more.

You can also join marketing or web hosting forums where a lot of tips on business marketing can be found. So, take your time to create the message you wish your first clients to receive about your business.

7. Make a Decision on Customer Support

Have clear rules on how are you going to provide customer support: what your working hours and ways of contacting you would be.

At the beginning, it may take some time to get your first clients and get your business running, but later the earnings will be getting more stable.

Summing up, reseller hosting is a great way to make additional profit for those who create and manage small sites already, or just thinking of getting started. A small website on average takes up about 500 MB of disk space and a similar amount of bandwidth.

You can take a dollar or less from a client for hosting a website, while the package itself may cost about 5-10 dollars per month.

This means that you will need only a handful of clients to already gain profit from web hosting plan you have. However, when you get your new clients, you will see that the market already has a lot of competitors that take up a huge amount of market.

To avoid competition, learn to show your strengths and create a brand that will help to keep your clients.

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