PDF Candy : All the PDF Tools in One Place

All the PDF Tools in One Place

All the PDF Tools in One Place

PDF Candy: All the PDF Tools in One Place: In my last post I have explained How to quickly edit PDF files in the browser itself, there are lots of tools available online for PDF need but various software and tools only let you convert PDF files to a single or a few limited formats. None of the tools is the having all PDF tool Recently I came to know about PDF Candy  invention of Icecream Apps brings a ton of PDF tools for free.


How to Do all PDF Related Task with PDF Candy-:

How to Use PDF Candy

PDF Candy is a browser-based service you have to just head over to www.pdfcandy.com and start using PDF tool  The online tool works on both computer and mobile browsers. The homepage of the tool lists all the tools it offers. All the tools have explanatory and clean looking icons.

How to Use PDF Candy

PDF Candy having most of all tools for your PDF needs if you get confused you can go to the top options that categorize the various tools in “Convert from PDF”, “Convert to PDF” and “Other Tools”.

categorize the various tools

Best Part which I like about PDF Candy is it supports Cloud Storage Services where you can not only add files from your Local storage but also from cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.You can then just click on the tool you want to use. For Example, I’m using the “Merge PDF ” tool. Here, I can upload the PDF files from My local storage, drag & drop or attach files from Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also add a tool to your favourites, so they show up first in the list on the homepage.

Merge PDF

once I have added PDF it will get merged and ready to download.


Conclusion-: Pdf Candy is Awesome online Tool for all our PDF need it helps us to do all our PDF related task without installing any software, if you have any comment on PDF Candy, you can leave it in the comment section of this post.

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