Useful Chrome extensions for Gmail That You May Not Know


Utilizing Chrome extensions for Gmail can significantly enhance your email experience. These extensions offer a myriad of features that streamline productivity, from email tracking and scheduling to advanced search capabilities. They allow you to tailor Gmail to your specific needs, transforming it into a powerful tool that aligns with your workflow.

Whether it’s adding encryption for secure communication, organizing emails more efficiently, or integrating with other productivity tools seamlessly, Chrome extensions for Gmail provide a level of customization and functionality that goes beyond the standard email experience. By incorporating these extensions, you can optimize your email management, save time, and enjoy a more tailored and efficient communication platform within Gmail.

Some of the Extraordinary features of Gmail over its competitors

Gmail is the most used email service provider in the world with 1.5 billion users.

  • Gmail ‘stacks’ and organizes conversations into threads.
  • Gmail has very thorough malware and virus checking.
  • Gmail offers a one-stop portal for calendaring, file storage, photo hosting, Youtube, blogging, financial advice, and more.
  • 10+ GB of email storage space.
  • 25MB per email capacity.
  • Really good uptime.
  • Composing a new email has many rich text features.
  • POP3 and combining multiple email boxes into your Gmail.
  • Keystroke Shortcuts.
  • Spam handling is excellent.

In this post, I will explain some of the useful chrome extension for Gmail that will enhance your Gmail experience.

1. Batch Reply For Gmail:

Batch reply for Gmail is a very useful extension if you reply lots of email on daily basis this Chrome Extension help you to reply multiple emails at a time.

Checker Plus for Gmail:

Checker Plus for Gmail 1

Checker Plus for Gmail is a very useful extension for heavy Gmail user.. with the help of this extension you will Get notifications, read, listen to or delete emails without opening Gmail or Inbox by Gmail & easily manage multiple accounts.

Actions for Gmail:

Action For Gmail

Actions for Gmail is a very simple extension: It optionally places an “archive”, “delete”, “mark as read/unread” or “mark as spam” button next to each message in your Gmail™ inbox.


Digify for Gmail

Digify is a very good extension to know whether your attachment has been read or not, you can also revoke file even after sending and limit access to the right people.


Gmail Offline

Gmail offline

Just imagine you have got an urgent email to read and you do not have internet connection in such type of situation Gmail offline feature will help you a lot to read and reply urgent email. for more info, you can read my post How to Access your Gmail Account Without Internet Connection.

KeyRocket for Gmail

Key Rocket for Gmail
This chrome extension will teach you essential Gmail Shortcuts to save your time for writing an email. For more info you can read my previous post Essential keyboard short for Gmail to use Gmail like Pro.


There are lots of Web extension are available for Gmail, it is not possible to list all those extensions in a single post, In this post, I tried to list most common useful extension that a beginner, as well as advance level, Gmail user can use.

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