How To Protect Your Privacy On Android,Tips You Need To Learn Now

How To Protect Your Privacy On Android Tips You Need To Learn Now

How To Protect Your Privacy On Android Tips, You Need To Learn Now-: After the disclose of the Facebook connection with Cambridge Analytica, the way Facebook using user data to do business disclose to the whole world. In a survey conducted by Mozilla Foundation, Many Facebook user shown their interest to pay some amount to Facebook rather than selling personal information to Facebook.  it is very important to review the privacy setting of Google and Facebook so that they have only limited access.
1. Minimize Google’s data collection.
As we all knows that Facebook and Google collect the user data and provide that data to their advertiser so that advertiser target to their customer, Google tracks user searches m, Location History and serve ads. you can customize the setting of your Google account and provide only limited data to Google.
2. Lock down your device.
Locking down the android device is the most common feature that every Android user if you are an android user and not locked down your device yet. Go to your Android Settings > Security > Screen lock.
3. Encrypt the device to protect the data stored on it.
After encryption of Whole Android dEvice, when you power on, you have to enter numeric pin or password to decrypt the device. An Encrypted device is far secure than the encrypted device and the only way to unlock the device with an encryption key only. Go to Settings > Security > Encrypt phone/tablet.
4. Keep the device’s software up-to-date.
Always keep your device software up to date, especially software that matter most like Banking and Messaging App. Never forget to update Android system, if a new update is available.
Go to Settings > About phone/tablet > System Update.
5. Be wary of third-party app stores.
Never install any app other than Google play store, if you want to install an app which is not available in your country, be cautious, Go to Settings > Security > Unknown source.
6. When installing an app, check its permissions first.
Never install an App which asks for lots of permission beyond its working, because such an app collects your data and use it for some other purpose. Always review the permission of existing installed app on the equal interval of time.
9. Hide private notifications.
Notification is a good feature of Android, to see notification of any app without opening it, for better privacy you can turn on to see notification only when you unlock your device. Go to Settings > Sound & notifications
10. Don’t share your location with apps if not required.
Location service is a good feature of Android which helps us to use cab services like Uber. We also use this service with messaging service like WhatsApp to share our location. sharing location could be a threat to privacy and also consume the battery so disable the location service when not required. Go to Settings > Apps > ⚙ icon > App permissions > Location
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